Spring 2016 Schedule

Jan 22
Didem Turkoglu, “Neoliberal Reforms and Protest in Higher Education”

Feb 5
Jonathan Horowitz, “Activism in the Post-Undergraduate Transition”

Feb 19
Brandon Gorman, “Local Threats, Exclusion, and Identification with World Society: Evidence from Cross-National Surveys and a Natural Experiment”

Mar 4
Charlie Kurzman, “Citizenship Discrimination”

Mar 25
Luke Sherry, “What’s Good: Critics and Cultural Consumption”

Apr 8
Akram Al-Turk, “Do Movements Affect Policy Adoption and Impact Differently? The Case of Affordable Housing Mobilization in U.S. Cities from 1990 to 2010”

Apr 22
Joseph Crane, “Deconstructing the Framing Process in the Early Tea Party Movement”

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