Fall 2016 Schedule

September 2: Karam Hwang, “Rare Birds: Culture and Interracial Friendship on Two College Campuses.”

September 16: Scott Fitzgerald, UNC-Charlotte, “Media and Economic Inequality in the U.S. and U.K, 1984-2014.”

September 30: Ahsan Kamal, “Enclosures, Valuations, and Ontologies of Water: A Study of Anti-Dam Movements in the Global South.”

October 14: Alanna Gillis, “The Enthusiasts, Backup Planners, and Professionals: How College Students End Up Aspiring to Participate in a Service Program after Graduation.”

October 28: Haj Yazdiha, “We’re All Civil Rights Activists Now! Theorizing Collective Memory as Social Movement Strategy.”

November 11: Kraig Beyerlein, Notre Dame, “Protests Making News: New Evidence from a Nationally-Representative Sample of U.S. Events.”

December 2: Taylor Brown, Duke, “Cultural Impasse: Disjointed Logics and the Perpetuation of Gender Inequality in the Contemporary Art World.”

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