Fall 2018 Schedule

August 31: Abby Newell, UNC Sociology, “Pro-Life and Pro-Woman: Complicating the U.S. Antiabortion Narrative.”

September 14: Hurricane Florence

September 28: Deen Freelon, UNC School of Media and Journalism, “The (non)Americans: Analyzing Networked Disinformation on Twitter.”

October 12: Taylor Brown, Duke, “Qualities or Inequalities? A Machine Learning Approach to the Study of Value and Gender Bias in Creative Professions.”

October 24 (Wednesday, 3:00 p.m.): Edwin Amenta, University of California, Irvine, “Why Are U.S. Movements of the Right So Politically Influential?”

November 9: Graeme Robertson, UNC Political Science,”Protest Participation and Attitude Change in Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution.”

November 30: Akram Al-Turk, UNC Sociology, “The Emergence and Success of a Policy Paradigm: How Standards-Based Reforms in Education Won Out.”

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