Spring 2020 schedule

January 16: Pam Paxton (with Kristopher Velasco), University of Texas, Austin, “Deconstructed and Constructive Logics: Explaining Inclusive Language Change in LGBT Nonprofits, 1998-2016.”

January 31: Ken Cai Kowalski, “Constructions of Plausibility in Capitalist and Noncapitalist Futures of Labor Automation.”

February 14: Katie Tait, “Working Toward a Better Future: The Many Meanings of Worker Ownership in New York’s Cooperative Ecosystem.”

February 28: Andy Perrin

March 20: Margaret Frye and Anna Wozny, University of Michigan, “Institutional and Social Class Inequalities and the Moralization of Illicit Research in Ugandan Universities.” (Virtual workshop.)

March 27: Dana Moss, University of Pittsburgh. (Postponed.)

April 24: Todd Lu, “When Black Movements Matter: Effects of the Black Lives Matter Movement on Local Newspaper Attention to Black Victims of Lethal Policing.” (Virtual workshop.)

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