Spring 2021 schedule

January 29: Micah Nelson, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Resentment is Like Drinking Poison? The Heterogenous Health Consequences of Affective Polarization.”

February 12: Laura Nelson, Northeastern University, “And the Rest is History: Leveraging the Alignment Between Machine Learning and Intersectional, Cultural, and Inductive Research.”

February 26: Andy Andrews, Neal Caren, and Micah Nelson, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Did Anti-Trump Protests Create a Blue Wave? Protest, Movements and the 2020 Election.”

March 19: Todd Lu, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Building Coalitions, Revitalizing Unions: The Impacts of Coalitional Networks on Union Organizing Campaigns and Pursuing Racial Justice.”

April 9: Zakiya Luna, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Intersectionality and Mobilization: Feeling Social Movements in the Trump (ish) Era.”

April 23: Abby Newell, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Teaching (Sexual) Citizenship: A Comparative Study of Sex Education Policy and Practice in the United States.”

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