Spring 2019 schedule

January 25: Alanna Gillis, “Provisional Major Identities, Self-Concept, and Social Ties: The Social Process of Choosing a College Major.”

February 6 (Wednesday): Phil Gorski, Yale, “American Babylon: Christianity and Democracy After Trump.”

February 15: Nicholas Membrez-Weiler, Laura Bray, and Tom Shriver, NC State, “Agrochemical Exposure and Environmental (In)justice: Legal Repression of Latin American Banana Workers.”

March 1: Charles Kurzman et al., “Women’s Assessments of Gender Equality.”

March 22: Ahsan Kamal, “Saving Sindhu: Riverine Resistance along the Indus River in Pakistan.”

April 5: David Rigby, “The Expansion of State Immigration Policymaking, 1960-2017.”

April 19: Todd Lu, “Bringing Race into the News: Black Lives Matter in Media Agenda-Setting of Black Victims of Police Violence.”

April 25 (Thursday, 12:30-2:00 p.m.), Michael Biggs, Oxford, TBA.

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