Fall 2023 schedule

September 8, 2023: Charles Kurzman, UNC-Chapel Hill.
September 22, 2023: Francesca Tripodi, UNC-Chapel Hill.
October 13, 2023: Todd Lu, UNC-Chapel Hill.
October 27, 2023: Catherine Tan, Vassar College.
November 3, 2023: Katie Furl, UNC-Chapel Hill.
November 10, 2023: Dominique Baker, Southern Methodist University.
December 1, 2023: Meg Palmer, UNC-Chapel Hill.

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Spring 2023 schedule

January 20, 2023: Austin Vo and Michelle Dromgold-Sermen, UNC-Chapel Hill, “How States Shape Migration Flows and Enact Power Beyond Their Borders: 1990-2020.”
February 3, 2023: Katie Furl, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Moralizing Authenticity on r/instagramreality.”
February 17, 2023: Will Holtkamp, UNC-Chapel Hill, “The Effect of Ideological Community Belief Network Structures on Public Opinion Change.”
March 3, 2023: Neal Caren, UNC-Chapel Hill.
March 22, 2023: Tressie McMillan Cottom, UNC-Chapel Hill.
March 31, 2023: Ricarda Hammer, University of Michigan, “From Tutelage to Suppression: A Du Boisian Theory of Democratization.”
April 14, 2023: Antonia Randolph, UNC-Chapel Hill, “I Carry the City on My Back.”

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Fall 2022 schedule

August 26, 2022: Risa Murase, UNC-Chapel Hill, “From Them to Us? The Interaction of Law and Media Framing of Immigrants in 1987-1990 and 2016-2019 Japan.”
September 9, 2022: Jacob Conley, UNC-Chapel Hill, “The Consequences of Disruptive Tactics for Social Movement Organization Coalitions.”
September 20, 2022: Jennifer Earl, University of Arizona.
October 7, 2022: Erica Janko, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Aging and the Politics of Care: Systems of eldercare in a southeastern metropolitan area.”
October 28, 2022: Ken Kowalski, Adam Lilly, and Tianhao Zhang, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Meritocracy, Genetics, and the Political Framing of Stratification Research: A Survey Experiment about Redistribution Preferences.”
November 10, 2022: Andrew Davis and Adam Goldfarb, NC State University, “Buttoned up Emperors: Fragile Charisma and Academic Freedom in Cross-National Context.”

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Spring 2022 schedule

January 21, 2022: Craig Rawlings, Duke University, “The Polarization of American Popular Culture: Scope and Mechanisms.”
February 4, 2022: Todd Lu, UNC-Chapel Hill, “At the Crossroads of Climate, Jobs, and Justice: Green Jobs Frames Among Offshore Wind Energy Coalitions in North Carolina.”
February 18, 2022: Austin Vo, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Palimpsests of Belonging: Comparing Dimensions of National Identity in the United States and France.”
March 4, 2022: Scott Duxbury, UNC-Chapel Hill.
March 25, 2022: Abby Newell, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Taking the Sex out of Sex ed: De-Moralizing Sex Education in the Culture Wars.”
April 22, 2022: Jacob Conley, UNC-Chapel Hill, “The Political Consequences of the Contemporary Anti-Vax Mandates Movement: An Exploratory Analysis.”

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Fall 2021 schedule

August 27, 2021: Ashley Anderson, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Workers in an Era of Change: Union Responses to Early Neoliberal Reforms.”
September 10, 2021: Michelle Dromgold-Sermen, UNC-Chapel Hill, “To What Extent Does Policy Matter? Measuring the Impacts of Nationality Law Reform.”
September 24, 2021: David Rigby, UNC-Chapel Hill, “How Have Interest Groups Shaped US Congressional Immigration Debates.”
October 8, 2021: Risa Murase, UNC-Chapel Hill, “From Them to Us? The Transition of Media Framing of Immigrants in 1987-1990 and 2016-2019 Japan.”
November 5, 2021: Erica Janko, UNC-Chapel Hill, “When the political trumps the material: How political identity may matter more than experience with work insecurity in predicting attitudes toward worker action in North Carolina.”
November 19, 2021: Alice Marwick, Benjamin Clancy, and Katie Furl, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Far Right Online Radicalization: A Review.”

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Spring 2021 schedule

January 29: Micah Nelson, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Resentment is Like Drinking Poison? The Heterogenous Health Consequences of Affective Polarization.”

February 12: Laura Nelson, Northeastern University, “And the Rest is History: Leveraging the Alignment Between Machine Learning and Intersectional, Cultural, and Inductive Research.”

February 26: Andy Andrews, Neal Caren, and Micah Nelson, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Did Anti-Trump Protests Create a Blue Wave? Protest, Movements and the 2020 Election.”

March 19: Todd Lu, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Building Coalitions, Revitalizing Unions: The Impacts of Coalitional Networks on Union Organizing Campaigns and Pursuing Racial Justice.”

April 9: Zakiya Luna, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Intersectionality and Mobilization: Feeling Social Movements in the Trump (ish) Era.”

April 23: Abby Newell, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Teaching (Sexual) Citizenship: A Comparative Study of Sex Education Policy and Practice in the United States.”

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Fall 2020 schedule

August 21: Neda Maghbouleh, University of Toronto (with Ariela Schachter and René Flores), “Ancestry, Color, or Culture? How Whites Racially Classify Others in the U.S.”

September 4: Charles Kurzman, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Citizism,” Chap. 1.

September 18: Brandon Gorman, University at Albany, and Charles Seguin, Pennsylvania State University, “Who Supports Global Cooperation?: Cooperative-Internationalism at the Intersection of Social Class and Economic Development.”

October 2: Katie Furl, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Identifying Incel: Constructing Gendered Social Identities in the Manosphere.”

October 16: Francesca Tripodi, School of Information and Library Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill, “The Sociology of Search.”

October 30: Dana Moss, University of Notre Dame, “The Arab Spring Abroad: Diaspora Activism Against Authoritarian Regimes,” introductory chapter.

November 13: Austin Vo, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Contexts of Contestation: Immigrant Political Participation by Citizenship and Race in the United States.”

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Spring 2020 schedule

January 16: Pam Paxton (with Kristopher Velasco), University of Texas, Austin, “Deconstructed and Constructive Logics: Explaining Inclusive Language Change in LGBT Nonprofits, 1998-2016.”

January 31: Ken Cai Kowalski, “Constructions of Plausibility in Capitalist and Noncapitalist Futures of Labor Automation.”

February 14: Katie Tait, “Working Toward a Better Future: The Many Meanings of Worker Ownership in New York’s Cooperative Ecosystem.”

February 28: Andy Perrin

March 20: Margaret Frye and Anna Wozny, University of Michigan, “Institutional and Social Class Inequalities and the Moralization of Illicit Research in Ugandan Universities.” (Virtual workshop.)

March 27: Dana Moss, University of Pittsburgh. (Postponed.)

April 24: Todd Lu, “When Black Movements Matter: Effects of the Black Lives Matter Movement on Local Newspaper Attention to Black Victims of Lethal Policing.” (Virtual workshop.)

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Fall 2019 schedule

August 30: Akram Al-Turk and David Rigby, “The Emergence and Transformation of Policy Ideas in the U.S. Congress, 1946-2015.”

September 13: Laura Krull, “The (Rainbow) Elephant in the Email: An Analysis of Gatekeeping in Church Emails.”

September 27: Abby Newell, “Organizational Innovation and Evolution: How the Anti-Abortion Movement Began to ‘Empower’ Women.”

October 11: Kay Jowers, “Promises, Promises, Why Do We Believe? Environmental Justice Mobilization and Policy Reform under Clinton.”

October 25: Alice Marwick, “Queer(s) in the Networked Public: LGBTQ+ Southerners Negotiating Networked Privacy.”

November 8: Shreya Parikh, “Conceptualizing Narratives of Religious Generational Gap between Muslim Immigrants and their European-raised Descendants.”

November 22: Ashley Anderson and Caroline Lancaster, “More than a Secular-Islamist Divide: Attitudinal Polarization among Voters in Muslim Majority Countries.”

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Spring 2019 schedule

January 25: Alanna Gillis, “Provisional Major Identities, Self-Concept, and Social Ties: The Social Process of Choosing a College Major.”

February 6 (Wednesday): Phil Gorski, Yale, “American Babylon: Christianity and Democracy After Trump.”

February 15: Nicholas Membrez-Weiler, Laura Bray, and Tom Shriver, NC State, “Agrochemical Exposure and Environmental (In)justice: Legal Repression of Latin American Banana Workers.”

March 1: Charles Kurzman et al., “Women’s Assessments of Gender Equality.”

March 22: Ahsan Kamal, “Saving Sindhu: Riverine Resistance along the Indus River in Pakistan.”

April 5: David Rigby, “The Expansion of State Immigration Policymaking, 1960-2017.”

April 19: Todd Lu, “Bringing Race into the News: Black Lives Matter in Media Agenda-Setting of Black Victims of Police Violence.”

April 25 (Thursday, 12:30-2:00 p.m.), Michael Biggs, Oxford, TBA.

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