Spring 2021 schedule

January 29: Micah Nelson, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Resentment is Like Drinking Poison? The Heterogenous Health Consequences of Affective Polarization.”

February 12: Laura Nelson, Northeastern University, “And the Rest is History: Leveraging the Alignment Between Machine Learning and Intersectional, Cultural, and Inductive Research.”

February 26: Andy Andrews, Neal Caren, and Micah Nelson, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Did Anti-Trump Protests Create a Blue Wave? Protest, Movements and the 2020 Election.”

March 19: Todd Lu, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Building Coalitions, Revitalizing Unions: The Impacts of Coalitional Networks on Union Organizing Campaigns and Pursuing Racial Justice.”

April 9: Zakiya Luna, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Intersectionality and Mobilization: Feeling Social Movements in the Trump (ish) Era.”

April 23: Abby Newell, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Teaching (Sexual) Citizenship: A Comparative Study of Sex Education Policy and Practice in the United States.”

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Fall 2020 schedule

August 21: Neda Maghbouleh, University of Toronto (with Ariela Schachter and René Flores), “Ancestry, Color, or Culture? How Whites Racially Classify Others in the U.S.”

September 4: Charles Kurzman, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Citizism,” Chap. 1.

September 18: Brandon Gorman, University at Albany, and Charles Seguin, Pennsylvania State University, “Who Supports Global Cooperation?: Cooperative-Internationalism at the Intersection of Social Class and Economic Development.”

October 2: Katie Furl, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Identifying Incel: Constructing Gendered Social Identities in the Manosphere.”

October 16: Francesca Tripodi, School of Information and Library Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill, “The Sociology of Search.”

October 30: Dana Moss, University of Notre Dame, “The Arab Spring Abroad: Diaspora Activism Against Authoritarian Regimes,” introductory chapter.

November 13: Austin Vo, UNC-Chapel Hill, “Contexts of Contestation: Immigrant Political Participation by Citizenship and Race in the United States.”

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Spring 2020 schedule

January 16: Pam Paxton (with Kristopher Velasco), University of Texas, Austin, “Deconstructed and Constructive Logics: Explaining Inclusive Language Change in LGBT Nonprofits, 1998-2016.”

January 31: Ken Cai Kowalski, “Constructions of Plausibility in Capitalist and Noncapitalist Futures of Labor Automation.”

February 14: Katie Tait, “Working Toward a Better Future: The Many Meanings of Worker Ownership in New York’s Cooperative Ecosystem.”

February 28: Andy Perrin

March 20: Margaret Frye and Anna Wozny, University of Michigan, “Institutional and Social Class Inequalities and the Moralization of Illicit Research in Ugandan Universities.” (Virtual workshop.)

March 27: Dana Moss, University of Pittsburgh. (Postponed.)

April 24: Todd Lu, “When Black Movements Matter: Effects of the Black Lives Matter Movement on Local Newspaper Attention to Black Victims of Lethal Policing.” (Virtual workshop.)

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Fall 2019 schedule

August 30: Akram Al-Turk and David Rigby, “The Emergence and Transformation of Policy Ideas in the U.S. Congress, 1946-2015.”

September 13: Laura Krull, “The (Rainbow) Elephant in the Email: An Analysis of Gatekeeping in Church Emails.”

September 27: Abby Newell, “Organizational Innovation and Evolution: How the Anti-Abortion Movement Began to ‘Empower’ Women.”

October 11: Kay Jowers, “Promises, Promises, Why Do We Believe? Environmental Justice Mobilization and Policy Reform under Clinton.”

October 25: Alice Marwick, “Queer(s) in the Networked Public: LGBTQ+ Southerners Negotiating Networked Privacy.”

November 8: Shreya Parikh, “Conceptualizing Narratives of Religious Generational Gap between Muslim Immigrants and their European-raised Descendants.”

November 22: Ashley Anderson and Caroline Lancaster, “More than a Secular-Islamist Divide: Attitudinal Polarization among Voters in Muslim Majority Countries.”

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Spring 2019 schedule

January 25: Alanna Gillis, “Provisional Major Identities, Self-Concept, and Social Ties: The Social Process of Choosing a College Major.”

February 6 (Wednesday): Phil Gorski, Yale, “American Babylon: Christianity and Democracy After Trump.”

February 15: Nicholas Membrez-Weiler, Laura Bray, and Tom Shriver, NC State, “Agrochemical Exposure and Environmental (In)justice: Legal Repression of Latin American Banana Workers.”

March 1: Charles Kurzman et al., “Women’s Assessments of Gender Equality.”

March 22: Ahsan Kamal, “Saving Sindhu: Riverine Resistance along the Indus River in Pakistan.”

April 5: David Rigby, “The Expansion of State Immigration Policymaking, 1960-2017.”

April 19: Todd Lu, “Bringing Race into the News: Black Lives Matter in Media Agenda-Setting of Black Victims of Police Violence.”

April 25 (Thursday, 12:30-2:00 p.m.), Michael Biggs, Oxford, TBA.

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Fall 2018 Schedule

August 31: Abby Newell, UNC Sociology, “Pro-Life and Pro-Woman: Complicating the U.S. Antiabortion Narrative.”

September 14: Hurricane Florence

September 28: Deen Freelon, UNC School of Media and Journalism, “The (non)Americans: Analyzing Networked Disinformation on Twitter.”

October 12: Taylor Brown, Duke, “Qualities or Inequalities? A Machine Learning Approach to the Study of Value and Gender Bias in Creative Professions.”

October 24 (Wednesday, 3:00 p.m.): Edwin Amenta, University of California, Irvine, “Why Are U.S. Movements of the Right So Politically Influential?”

November 9: Graeme Robertson, UNC Political Science,”Protest Participation and Attitude Change in Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution.”

November 30: Akram Al-Turk, UNC Sociology, “The Emergence and Success of a Policy Paradigm: How Standards-Based Reforms in Education Won Out.”

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Spring 2018 Schedule

January 19: Daniel Laurison, Swarthmore College, “Neither Geeks nor Gurus: Campaign Staff and Consultants in American National Elections.”

January 26: Christopher Barrie, University of Oxford, “Sect, Nation, and Identity after the Fall of Mosul: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment.”

February 2: Alana Gillis, “Uncertainty and Inequality: How College Experiences and Exits Reproduce Class and Gender Inequality.”

February 16: Jessi Streib, Duke University, “Privilege Lost: Downward Mobility in the New Gilded Age.”

March 2: Neal Caren and Andy Andrews, “Grande Resistance: Protest During the Trump Presidency.”

March 23: Michelle Dromgold-Sermen, “Trajectories of Resettlement: New Networks, Changing Class, and Restructuring Family Roles Among Syrian Refugees.”

April 6: Adam Reich, Columbia University, “The Disciplining Effect of Mass Incarceration on Labor Organization.”

April 20: Ruth Braunstein, “We Can’t Pay!: Taxpaying, Tax Resisting and Good Citizenship.”

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Fall 2017 Schedule

9/1 – Charlie Kurzman

9/15 – Junghoon Park

9/29 – Daniel Kreiss

10/13 – Jocelyn Viterna*

10/27 – Omar Lizardo*

11/10 – Didem Turkoglu

12/1 – Akram Al-Turk

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Fall 2016 Schedule

September 2: Karam Hwang, “Rare Birds: Culture and Interracial Friendship on Two College Campuses.”

September 16: Scott Fitzgerald, UNC-Charlotte, “Media and Economic Inequality in the U.S. and U.K, 1984-2014.”

September 30: Ahsan Kamal, “Enclosures, Valuations, and Ontologies of Water: A Study of Anti-Dam Movements in the Global South.”

October 14: Alanna Gillis, “The Enthusiasts, Backup Planners, and Professionals: How College Students End Up Aspiring to Participate in a Service Program after Graduation.”

October 28: Haj Yazdiha, “We’re All Civil Rights Activists Now! Theorizing Collective Memory as Social Movement Strategy.”

November 11: Kraig Beyerlein, Notre Dame, “Protests Making News: New Evidence from a Nationally-Representative Sample of U.S. Events.”

December 2: Taylor Brown, Duke, “Cultural Impasse: Disjointed Logics and the Perpetuation of Gender Inequality in the Contemporary Art World.”

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Spring 2016 Schedule

Jan 22
Didem Turkoglu, “Neoliberal Reforms and Protest in Higher Education”

Feb 5
Jonathan Horowitz, “Activism in the Post-Undergraduate Transition”

Feb 19
Brandon Gorman, “Local Threats, Exclusion, and Identification with World Society: Evidence from Cross-National Surveys and a Natural Experiment”

Mar 4
Charlie Kurzman, “Citizenship Discrimination”

Mar 25
Luke Sherry, “What’s Good: Critics and Cultural Consumption”

Apr 8
Akram Al-Turk, “Do Movements Affect Policy Adoption and Impact Differently? The Case of Affordable Housing Mobilization in U.S. Cities from 1990 to 2010”

Apr 22
Joseph Crane, “Deconstructing the Framing Process in the Early Tea Party Movement”

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